Ir De tapeo - The culture of going out and eating Tapas

Spaniards love to live outside. Everytime they can, they try to  meet with friends in a Tapas-bar in the winter or on the "terraza" outside in the summer time. They talk, enjoy food and wine and taste the different flavours of the Spanish kitchen.

  • Huevos rotos: potato, spiced bread crumbles, etc. with fried egg and ham, chorizo, etc.
  • Pescaíto frito: fried fish
  • Bacalao with red pepper
  • Patata Brava:  dices of potato with a hot sauce (salsa brava)
  • Timbales:  the tortilla de patatas with a round shape and Calamar, ham and other topings
  • Pan with rice and mushrooms
  • Tosta de gambas al ajillo: toasted bred with small shrimps and garlic
  • Calamares fritos

Cazuelas - Clay pots

  • cazuela de callos y chorizo: tripe and chorizo sausage
  • gambas al ajillo: shrimps in olive oil and garlic
  • patatas meneás: spicy mashed potatos with toasted bacon

Sartenes - frying pans

  • sartén de arroz y champiñones: pan of rice and mashrooms
  • sartén de migas con huevo frito: pan of spicy bred crumbles with a fried egg
  • sartén de paella: pan of paella

Tostas - toasted bred with toping

tosta de morcilla: morcilla is a spicy blood sausage, it is fried and can be served in many ways, here on a toasted slice of bread

tosta de pincho moruno: spicy marinated pork loins

tosta de bacalao: tosta with cod

tosta de lomo de cerdo: toasted bread with roasted pork loin and goat cheese


Typical Tapas of Salamanca

  • Chanfaina: it is a spicy rice dish with lamb tripe and blood
  • Ensaladilla rusa con palomita: a crunchy pork rind fild with a diced vegetable salad made of peas, potatoes, carotes and green beans
  • jeta: crunchy oven made pork snout
  • patatas revolconas: mashed potatoes fried with bacon, red pepper powder and garlic

Typical Tapas of Galicia

  • pulpo a la gallega: octopus in olive oil, with red pepper spices (also served with boiled potato) 
  • oreja a la gallega: pig ear with potatos and red pepper spices
  • sepia: grilled sepa with alioli
  • zamburiñas: small clams
  • sardinas: sardine
  • rabas: another type of calamares fritos

Tapas in the basque style