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Spain is much more than Flamenco, Fiesta, Siesta and bulls. Sharing life with a Spaniard and a numerous Spanish family, I constantly discover new, incredible places, delicious food and Tapas, particular habits and ancient traditions, many of them I had never heard about or seen before.
Spain is a tremendously beautiful country with a quite fascinating culture.The mediterranean lifestyle, the number of sunny days and the outgoing character of the Spaniards are famous worldwide, but many sides of their culture are little known. The Balearic Islands are pretty well known on an international scale, also La Costa del Sol and La Costa Blanca, but in the rest of the Iberian Peninsula there are uncountable treasures of all kind that are worthwile discovering.
Spanish people say about their own country "Spain is different" and this is true in many aspects and it makes this country particularly charming.



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